Carte Blanche given to Point Contemporain at Eko Sato

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From April 21 to May 8, 2021, Galerie Eko Sato presents the exhibition "The Garden of Eternity" with the artists Jonathan Bréchignac, Sophie Deltombe, Clémentine Dupré, Léo Fourdrinier, Lucie Linder, Maud Louvrier – Clerc, Rachel Marks and Heloïse Rival. This event is a carte blanche given to Point Contemporain under the leadership of the curators Valérie Toubas and Daniel Guionnet.

"So leave at the entrance to this garden of eternity your thoughts of the absolute, your belief in the mastery of time," they tell us. None of that exists here. The fantasy of eternal life is represented in the form of symbols, which, like the cypress or the crane in Japanese culture, translate longevity. Immortality can also be consumed through blue ginger or certain mushrooms. The landscapes of Mount Yoshino, often depicted covered with cherry blossoms, are appreciated as a place of retreat where time has no hold and where the arts are more intensely expressed than elsewhere. For this is undoubtedly one of the keys to immortality: it is found in the language of poets and artists, in the creativity of the mind, when existence itself merges into the immanence of nature, through its contemplation and celebration, in the expression of its beauty, its complexity and its mysteries… ”

Maud Louvrier–Clerc presents the canvas Architecture réelle, Architecture virtuelle 9 from the eponymous series that can be found in the book Empreinte durable published in 2021 by Editions Lord Byron.

“Like an exoskeleton,” the artist tells us, “a nylon thread grid forms a central composition in which paint will be lodged or not. The attractiveness of its structure attracts feeds echoing that of social networks. The grid symbolizes the pixelation of our life and its filling, its evolution. Voluntarily or without our knowledge, thanks to cookies, the constraints of our daily life are indeed forever integrated into a virtual collective memory, which grows every day. Infinite architecture, this recording of our data immortalizes them but alters their identity. "


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