Botanical legends at Château de Menthon

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The brothers Maurice and Pierre-Henri de Menthon, owners of the Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard, created in 2019 the contemporary theater festival "Toujours Festival". From June 3 to October 31, 2021, the castle is hosting the 3rd edition of the festival this year under the sign of the herbarium. The artist Raphaële de Broissia was asked to design the contemporary art exhibition "Botanical Legends" within the castle.

The theme of the summer 2021 exhibition is a gigantic alpine herbarium, the singular legacy of an emblematic former owner, René de Menthon, who gave the castle its current appearance after four decades of work, at the end of from the 19th century. The herbarium will be exhibited for the first time on this occasion. The plastic artists, with very diverse practices, will be invited to appropriate the interior spaces of the castle and the area which surrounds it, to offer their interpretation of the herbarium and all the meanings it can take, of the issues that it can hide.

Gaël Davrinche exhibits there alongside Raphaële de Broissia, Louise Collet, Gabrielle Conilh de Beyssac, Marine Coutelas, Alexia Delrieu, Laure Forêt, Laurent Fievet, Apolline Grivelet, Jules Guissart, Marina Le Gall, Paul de Menthon, Coline Oliviero , Agathe Pitié, Sasha Sykes, Nils-Udo, Catherine Willis and Les Nervures, group from the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Annecy Alpes, bringing together Mabe Bethônico, Manon Genet, Luana Casto, Elodie Duwyn and Camille Doucet.

Gaël Davrinche exhibits there paintings from his “Nocturne” series that can be found in Faire Face, published by Editions Lord Byron in 2021 on the occasion of its exhibition at the Galerie Vazieux in Paris.


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