Au Cube at La Chaufferie de l'Antiquaille

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At the invitation of Eric Gagnière, Gaël Davrinche and Sarah Jérôme will inaugurate the first exhibition outside the walls of Au Cube and David Biard at La Chaufferie de l'Antiquaille. A number of Gaël Davrinche's paintings presented in the exhibition can be viewed in Faire face the latest book on the artist produced by Editions Lord Byron, like Ambassadrice, Incarnation, Les trois grâces, No way, Sunset et The Ghost.


“The couple, this two-headed body that everything brings together and opposes at the same time. Working in pairs in the same space induces connections, correspondences, translations of shapes, materials of colors which, through friction and contact zones, end up resonating and dialoguing together.

Sarah Jérôme and Gaël Davrinche make their works in the same workshop. While their subjects are different, they have this thing in common that they are physically involved in their work. Through matter and gesture, they embody painting and sculpture.

Incarnation (s) is an exhibition that presents images that are not made to decorate, simulate or console, but to act, to upset us and to give us access to our own depth. It is a question here of questioning the fragility of our beings, both physical and psychic, the reason for our bodily or mental protections.

To embody is to take a reflective look at an exterior, a principle of appropriation of everyday life in its transitory form in order to experience its meanings, allow the deployment of our ideas, in fields of thought.

We build an identity that individualizes us as much as it positions us in a social affiliation, in a role. From armor to clothing choices, our shell determines and identifies us. It protects our flesh, this body that is physically absent or felt from within. "

Gaël Davrinche and Sarah Jérôme

The opening takes place on Friday June 4 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the presence of the artists at the Chaufferie de l'Antiquaille 1, rue de l'Antiquaille, 69005 Lyon


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