Influencers in Singapore with Gaël Davrinche

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The Alliance française de Singapour present from May 8 to 19 June 2022 the exhibition "Influencers", organized by Marina Oechsner de Coninck, curator of the exhibition. As the executive director of the institution Fabian Forni explains, “INFLUENCERS is part of our cultural program, French Excellence , which aims to share the best of French culture through an exciting line-up including exhibitions, workshops, talks and screenings. Through this programme, we also hope to create a dialogue between cultures and to strengthen the ties between people and communities. INFLUENCERS, which spans May and June, comes after April’s French Art Of Fine Dining, and will be dedicated to modern painters and their influence on the contemporary art scene.

The INFLUENCERS exhibition gathers 11 contemporary artists from Europe and Southeast Asia, and examines the enduring legacy of Modern art on creators and their practice today. We offer an insider’s look into their works, allowing visitors to discover the many cross-cultural influences and trends emerging in the world of painting today."

Gaël Davrinche exhibits there the painting Peonies created by the artist in 2017. We find alongside him the artists Emi Avora, Marla Bendini, Linette Cajou, Charlotte de Charentenay, Tunku Khalsom, Nicolas Lefeuvre , Wayan Novi, Delphine Rama, Lionel Sabatté and Andy Wang.

“My role as an art curator was to select contemporary artists with cross-cultural backgrounds on the angle of Modern art influence from Impressionism to Abstract expressionism movements. We hope viewers, as they view the paintings, experience a journey through art that is both insightful and emotional, but we also hope to offer a memorable and playful experience to the community of art lovers in Singapore. The viewer is invited to guess the influence of the old masters: from pointillist Seurat on Indonesian artist Wayan Novi, to cubist influences on Delphine Rama’s fractal art."

Marina Oechsner de Coninck


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