🌳🌳 Tree houses by Kawamata 🌳🌳

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Tadashi Kawamata's monographic exhibition "Tree Hut in Montpellier" curated by Richard Leydier was organized, with the support of galerie kamel mennour, by the Fondation GGL in Montpellier from June 22 to December 10, 2022. The exhibition included installations of "Nests" in the Hôtel Richer de Belleval and wooden "Cabanes" in the trees of the Place de la Canourgue. The exhibition is accompanied by the catalog Tree huts with a preface by Alain Guiraudon, a presentation by Richard Leydier and a conversation with Tadashi Kawamata.

"The idea for these huts was born in the 1980s, when Kawamata was living in New York. He saw the precarious shelters of the homeless, and he began to install sculptures on the street. These were systematically destroyed from one day to the next, and tired of going back to work every day like Penelope, he thought that if his sculptures were placed in trees, high up, they would be safer. This is why Tadashi Kawamata's Tree Huts are akin to urban art, a form of street art. (Richard Leydier)

© Fondation GGL. Photo Aloïs Aurelle


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