Marlène Mocquet at the Julio Gonzalez gallery in Arcueil.

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On November 21, the Julio Gonzalez municipal gallery in Arcueil organized the signing of the exhibition catalog Marlène Mocquet. De l'autre côté de la scène , published by Editions Lord Byron, with the support of the town hall of Arcueil and Marin Beaux-Arts, and the participation of Sèvres - National Manufacture and Museum.

It consists of a preface by Amélie Adamo and a text by Garance Cappatti and includes exhibition views.

"For many months Marlène Mocquet has cultivated her interior garden in the privacy of her studio. The Julio Gonzalez municipal gallery having the same spatial perspective and the same surface as his working den, the artist projected himself into the scenography of the exhibition until it took shape with the space. In one of the gallery rooms will be a sumptuous banquet table, topped with a table service decorated with small figures, fruits and animals. In the exhibition, unique vases will adorn a hilly plant bed. Like spectral silhouettes highlighted on pedestals, all the vases made by the artist in the Sèvres manufacture during his residencies will be loaned by the manufacture and collectors. These vases with plant compositions will be part of a hybrid decor inviting to a contemplative walk. "(Garance Cappatti)


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