Maud Louvrier-Clerc in the exhibition “Formes du vivant”

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The Parisian art center Plateforme welcomes from 12 February to March 7, 2021 the exhibition “Formes du vivant” conceived by Pauline Lisowski with the artists Lélia Demoisy, Lucie Linder, India Leire and Maud Louvrier-Clerc. The latter presents in particular its series "The disappearance of sand" whose first entity is used for the cover of its first monographic work Footprint durable .

"The period we are living in and the need for a relationship with other animal, plant and mineral elements with which we cohabit, encourage artists to develop sculptural forms, works on paper, paintings, serigraphs, cyanotypes , drawings, videos. Their works summon elements observed in the environment and our relationship to landscapes. We participate in an ecosystem where various living beings make up worlds to be respected. Our attention to the various forms of life leads us to take care of them and to consider them with the greatest possible humility.
These relationships with the living and with nature are embodied in the works of different mediums by Lélia Demoisy , India Leire, Lucie Linder and Maud Louvrier-Clerc. These reveal our ways of being in landscapes. The artists try to link the work of art with the living, the plant. "

“Maud Louvrier-Clerc tries to reconcile opposites and to make us aware of our belonging to a Whole, to a life in harmony with non-human living beings. For her, it is about building together a more sustainable world that respects the elements. His series of watercolors account for the current state of the fragility of marine environments and the pollution of water by humans. The disappearance of sand presented here is a series of watercolor drawings of grains of sand from imaginary beaches and coastlines. This transformation of the landscape is one of the consequences of the Anthropocene era. The artist has drawn inspiration from numerous articles and documentaries on the subject. His works reveal the diversity of the color of sand, like its texture, both fragile and sublime. "(Pauline Lisowski)

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  • Sur cette problématique de l’anthropocène, qui intéresse les artistes, petit échange avec une série de dessins que je réalisé pour le Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Grenoble :
    Mais aussi par la série “Panta rhei” sur ce même sujet
    Ou encore “Vous êtes ici” sur la disparition de la biodiversité : (série présentée au Muséum de Genève à partir d’octobre 2021-novembre 2022)

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