Nature Borders

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On Sunday October 17, the "Nature Borders" exhibition was inaugurated as part of the Architecture Days in the gardens and terraces of André Lurçat's Maison-Atelier in Sceaux. At the initiative of the Bloc-House association, 13 artists were selected by a jury of professionals from the arts world.

The city of Sceaux has entrusted Christophe Delavault with the task of organizing the event, of which Benjamin Sabatier is the artist sponsor of the event. "In this dialogue with a free nature, contradicting the organization of the neighboring park, classified, mastered to perfection by André Lenôtre, it is here another André who stands out" (Christophe Delavault)

Les artists are July Ancel, Milan Atanaskovic, Jérôme Bouchez, Julie Chabin, Évelyne Henrard, Macha Krivokapic, Eliza Magri, Paul F. Millet, Françoise Miquelis, Altone Mishino, Stéphane Moreaux, Agnès Pezeu, Benjamin Sabatier and Olivier Shaw.

Illustration : Agnès Pezeu, Tiges carnivores, 2019 (ceramic, painting and paraphine)


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