Thomas Henriot at the Galerie Vachet-Delmas

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The Galerie Vachet-Delmas in Sauve inaugurates the new personal exhibition "Home" by Thomas Henriot on May 22, 2021. The exhibition brings together a selection of works produced from March 2020 to April 2021, in Marseille, France and Havana, Cuba, between which the artist shares his life.

The period of confinement and reclusion around the world has also affected artists and influenced their creation. The particularly strict confinement rules established in France in spring 2020 no longer allow the artist to work for hours in public space. Insatiable designer and catalyst of the world around him, Thomas Henriot confronts his own universe and delivers us new pieces of his house with the image of a universal interior. The melody of the objects captured by the artist’s stroke soothes and reassures, while opening windows to the world. Then the borders reopen and Thomas Henriot can fly away to join his Cuban family. Havana rediscovered, the setting for the work of the artist initiated ten years ago in Cuba, the artist sets out in search of the city's still practicable outdoor spaces, eager for this breath that makes him vibrate in the street and opens up to us the doors to an inner world.

Thomas Henriot delivers here a profound work and delivers himself by inviting the viewer into his privacy. The scenography project set up by the gallery embraces the public with the stroke of Thomas Henriot nourishes with vernacular symbols, architectures and plant landscapes. The objective is to invite the viewer on a journey into the universe of the artist. Through his Indian ink and color ink palette, the viewer dreams and questions the plastic and plasma possibilities of drawing.


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