Maud Louvrier-Clerc. Empreinte durable

Editions Lord Byron

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Maud Louvrier-Clerc and Laurent de Verneuil (Editors), Maud Louvrier-Clerc. Empreinte durable, Paris, Éditions Lord Byron, 2021

1st edition
Edition of 100 numbered copies
An original artwork by Maud Louvrier-Clerc is included in the first 20 copies
Hardcover, 21 x 28 cm, 64 pages
French edition
ISBN : 978-2-491901-06-6

Maud Louvrier-Clerc. Empreinte durable is the first monographic book on the French artist. From 2012 to 2020, he retraces his transdisciplinary exploration between art, design and architecture. From his first residency at the Institute for Desirable Futures to his research on the balance around the square shape. From his citizen protocols such as JEMONDE to his recent works on the marine anthropocene. Under the direction of Maud Louvrier-Clerc and Laurent de Verneuil, it includes a foreword by Pauline Lisowski and texts by Virginie Chuimer-Layen, Romain Arazm and Maud Louvrier-Clerc.

Maud Louvrier-Clerc is a French artist focused on a poetic awareness of ecology. Identity, interdependence and imprint are the essential themes of his research. Passionate about astrophysics, biology, history, economics, philosophy, music, dance and scuba diving also influence her approach. His work has been presented at festivals such as Vita Nova and We Love Green, biennials in Saint-Etienne and Pantin, and in the context of several group or personal exhibitions at the Villa Savoye, at the Château d'Angers and at the Galerie Bertrand Grimont.

After training in the disciplines of journalism, art history and philosophy, Romain Arazm develops cultural projects by linking knowledge, skills and trajectories.
Art historian, critic and curator, he started at France Culture. After a short stint at the National Monuments Center, he joined the Piasa auction house where he was in charge of press relations. In 2019, he founded the company Mazart Production and supports emerging artists by advising them on visibility strategies through the production of videos, curating exhibitions and writing texts.
Author and essayist, he published in 2019 In the shade of the trees of Montagnola, The Vegetable Universe of Herman Hesse and his first novel La Pastorale Retrouvée in 2020.

A trained art historian, Virginie Chuimer-Layen is a freelance journalist with La Gazette Drouot, Ateliers d'Art, Intramuros, ArchiSTORM, AMA and Arts Magazine. She is notably the author of Impressionnisme, les artistes et leur temps, published by Sélection du Reader's Digest in 2003. In addition to her editorial work, she is a lecturer at Drouot Formation, Institut de Formation de l'Hôtel Drouot (as well as in several higher business schools), for which she works particularly in the fields of Early Arts (Africa, Oceania, North America) and painting of the period 1860-1960.

Art critic, Pauline Lisowski founded a blog on contemporary art, The art corridor and collaborates regularly with the magazines Point Contemporain, BoumBang, Branded, Inferno, Kritiks and Artaïssime. She is interested in artistic practices which mainly concern space, landscape art, in situ installation in relation to architecture and projects that forge links with cartography. She considers the exhibition space as a place of inspiration for its history and its architecture. His projects consist of inviting artists to take the time to discover a space, to find material for creation in it to invest and reveal it. She builds her exhibitions from an experience of the place and the territory. She thus accompanies the artist in his reflection and in his creative process.