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Alice Audouin (under the dir. of), Novacène, Paris, Éditions Lord Byron, 2023

1st edition
Edition of 500 copies
Hardcover, 23 x 28 cm, 144 pages
French English edition
Translated in English by Jonathan Michaelson
ISBN : 978-2-491901-43-1

The Novacène catalog documents the group exhibition curated by Alice Audouin and Jean-Max Colard from May 14 to October 2, 2022 at the Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille as part of Utopia, the 6th thematic edition of lille3000. The catalog includes texts by Alice Audouin and Jean-Max Colard, interviews with some of the artists and many views of the exhibition. The Novacène catalog was supported by the Maison Ruinart.

"By taking place in the heart of a future utopia, 'Novacene' approaches, not without humor, our current world shaken by ecological disasters as a bygone era. Drawing on the commitment and prescience of contemporary artists, the exhibition proposes paths towards this other civilizational era. This impetus towards a less carbon-intensive and more harmonious future between humans and "other-than-humans" is based on a profound evolution of our societies, our vision of the world and our relationship to living beings, and raises new ethical dilemmas. (Alice Audouin & Jean-Max Colard)

Allora & Calzadilla
Duo composed of Jennifer Allora, born in 1974 in Philadelphia, PA (US) and Guillermo Calzadilla, born in 1971 in Havana (CU). They live and work in San Juan (PR).

Art Orienté Objet
Artistic duo created in 1991 in Paris composed of Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoît Mangin. They live and work in Paris (FR).

Guillaume Aubry
Born in 1982 in Saint-Quentin en Picardie (FR). Lives and works in Paris (FR) and Fermanville (FR).

Bigert & Bergström
Mats Bigert born in 1965 in Stockholm (SE) and Lars Bergström born in 1962 in Stockholm (SE). They live and work in Stockholm (SE).

Bianca Bondi
Born in 1986 in Johannesburg (ZA). Lives and works in Paris (FR).

Julian Charrière
Born in 1987 in Morges (CH). Lives and works in Berlin (DE).

Omar Victor Diop
Born in 1980 in Dakar (SN). Lives and works in Dakar.

John Gerrard
Born in 1974 in Tipperary (IE). Lives and works between Dublin and Vienna (AT).

Anna Komarova
Born in 1995 in Abakan (UK). Lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow (RU).

Taisia Korotkova
Born in 1980 in Moscow (RU). Lives and works in Milan (IT).

Fabien Léaustic
Born in 1985 in Besançon (FR). Lives and works in Paris (FR) and Marseille (FR).

Jeeyoung Lee
Born in 1983 in South Korea. Lives and works in Seoul (KR).

JP Mika
Born in 1980 in Kinshasa (CD). Lives and works in France.

Haroon Mirza
Born in 1977 in London (UK). Lives and works in London (UK).

Marie-Luce Nadal
Born in 1984 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris (FR).

Otobong Nkanga
Born in 1974 in Kano (NG). Lives and works in Antwerp (BE).

Lucy + Jorge Orta
Lucy Orta born in 1966 in Sutton Coldfield (UK) and Jorge Orta born in 1953 in Rosario (AR). They live and work between Paris (FR), London (UK) and Les Moulins (FR).

Damon Sfetsios
Born in 1982 in Bethlehem, PA (US). Lives and works between New York, NY and Europe.

Maarten Vanden Eynde
Born in 1977 in Leuven (BE). Lives and works in Brussels (BE) and Saint-Mihiel (FR).

Zheng Bo
Born in 1974 in Beijing (CN). Lives and works in Lantau Island (HK).

Alice Audouin holds three Masters degrees in research at the Sorbonne in economics, philosophy and visual arts. She is at the heart of the relationship between contemporary art and the environment. A pioneer in France on the subject, she organized the first international symposium on the theme "The artist as stakeholder" in 2004 at UNESCO. Involved in associations since 2008, she is the founding president of the association 'Art of Change 21', sponsored by the artist Olafur Eliasson. Former president and co-founder of the association COAL (the coalition of art and sustainable development) from 2008 to 2014, and former director of sustainable development in large organizations, Alice Audouin also works as an art advisor and consultant in sustainable development for the cultural and luxury sectors.

Jean-Max Colard is a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and agrégé de Lettres modernes, Doctor of Letters, and was a lecturer in French literature at the University of Lille 3. He is an art critic, exhibition curator and specialist in contemporary French literature. After having been editor in chief of the Arts pages of Les Inrockuptibles for twenty years, he became head of the Service de la Parole at the Centre Pompidou and editorial director of the Ecole du Centre Pompidou.