Saraï Delfendahl. L'art magique

Editions Lord Byron

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Laurent de Verneuil, Saraï Delfendahl. L'art magique, Paris, Editions Lord Byron, 2021

1st edition
Éditions of 30 signed and numbered copies from I to XXX
Each copy is accompanied by an original work by the artist
Hard cover, 23 x 28 cm, 132 pages
Bilingual edition: French, English
Translated from French by Ben Lenthall
ISBN: 978-2-491901-15-8

Saraï Delfendahl. L'art magique is the catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition “Saraï Delfendahl. Our wild thoughts ”which takes place at the Scène Ouverte gallery in Paris from October 21 to December 4, 2021.
It is the first monograph on the artist and retrospectively approaches his eminently autobiographical work consisting mainly of mobiles, paintings, monotypes and ceramic sculptures.

Saraï Delfendahl is a French artist born in 1961. She lives and works between Paris and Garnay. A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, she does not hide her early artistic ambitions, far removed from her initial training. In parallel with food activities in advertising and for many years illustrating the nascent Courrier international, she first developed an artistic practice marked by a great economy of means. From colored paper mobiles to watercolors, from paintings to monotypes, her work is distinguished by the naivety and strangeness of its aesthetics, especially in a series of notebooks that she produced daily for six years. She later discovered ceramics, which has allowed her to create the sculptures that have made her famous today.

Laurent de Verneuil is an art historian. He studied art history at the University of Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne. In 2004, began a long and seminal bond with Patrick Favardin at the gallery À Rebours and he co-founded with him the gallery Favardin & amp; de Verneuil, which he directed and closed in 2012. Their collaboration led to numerous exhibitions and publications celebrated by critics such as Les frères Cloutier, La Lampe Gras, Steiner and the Design Adventure, Body & Soul. New International Ceramics, Le Décor est Planté and My Blue China at the Bernardaud Foundation in Limoges. In parallel with these activities, he has been researching and writing for many years on the Californian Funk of the 1960s, and on the place of know-how in the fine arts. He is a recognized author on the place of ceramics in contemporary art and is currently preparing numerous exhibition catalogs and artist monographs.