Publications with Richard Leydier :

Visit to the workshop 🎨🖌️ of Sarah Jerome

Visit to Sarah Jerome's 🎨🖌️ studio with Richard Leydier in preparation for an upcoming publication with the Vazieux Gallery. Stay tuned...

Sarah Jérôme is exhibiting at the Vazieux gallery! 🍾📚✒️

Opening of Sarah Jérôme's exhibition at the galerie Vazieux and signing of her latest book Sarah Jérôme. Lux Aeterna with texts by Richard Leydier and Annabelle Gugnon.

Signing of "Lux Aeterna" at the Centre Pompidou bookshop 🍾📚✒️

On June 17, 2022, the Pompidou Center bookstore hosted the presentation of the latest monograph on Sarah Jérôme, Lux Aeterna, published on the occasion of her solo exhibition at the Vazieux Gallery in Paris. A discussion was organized between the artist and Annabelle Gugnon, psychoanalyst and co-author of the text...

Artists and Authors

A Abrille, Raphaël Adamo, Amélie Albizzati, Bruno Arazm, Romain Archambault, Hannah Ardif Arriaga, Ingrid Awada, Nour B Balorre (de), Christophe Bault Bélaval, Philippe Bellec, Mael Bigot, Pierrick Blanchaert, Jean Blanchard, Benoît Bona (de), Olivia Bonnel, Laurence Bordalo II Boulanger, Arnaud Boyer, Jean-Baptiste C Cappatti, Garance Carrasco, Ruben Chevalier, Joanna Ching-Yueh,...

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