Karine Hoffman at Galerie Dix9. Helene Lacharmoise

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For her second solo exhibition at the Galerie Dix9. Hélène Lacharmoise from March 20 to June 26, 2021, Karine Hoffman presents her latest paintings but also her very first experiments with ceramics to create a body of sculptures giving the event an immersive character. On the occasion of this exhibition, the gallery publishes with Éditions Lord Byron the catalog Blazing Sun in which Elora Weill-Engerer delivers a subtle and poetic analysis of the artist's work.

“A disturbing atmosphere like that of Karine Hoffman's paintings, made up of night fires and forest scenery lit by lanterns. Chiaroscuro ablaze with false suns and Greek fires, they can only be apprehended through the screen of the sfumato. Access is veiled, the image hermetic. It is a painting of absence, which brings memories closer to memories without bothering with any logic. Note, for example, the cohabitation of opposing shadows and multiple suns within a polyfocal scheme. In other words, an enterprise of subversion of a constructed and composed space in which a disturbing element comes to interfere. Mephitic anterooms, post-trauma places that still crackle after the storm, these depopulated places give life to the painting without the detour of the subject. The more the painting is "empty" of any subject, the more it operates this mediation of almost mystical experience. The void is in fact the place where the pre-visible communicates with the invisible, where the opacification of the pictorial medium is a plastic means of evoking an infinite space which continues beyond the canvas, keeping the open story. "

Elora Weill-Engerer

As part of the Paris Gallery Weekend which takes place from June 3 to 6, 2021, the Dix9 gallery. Hélène Lacharmoise is organizing a book signing for Blazing Sun with its author and artist.


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