Yoann Estevenin and Thomas Henriot at Paréidolie

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The Vachet - Delmas gallery exhibited during the weekend of August 28-29 at the International Contemporary Drawing Fair Paréidolie in Marseille. Caroline Vachet-Delmas and Arnaud Delmas have chosen this year to present the work of artists Yoann Estevenin and Thomas Henriot. It was the opportunity to present the books of the two artists produced by Editions Lord Byron, Thomas Henriot. Une nuit à la Havane and Yoann Estevenin. Nés de la dernière pluie.

The line is declined in incessant back and forth between the real and the imaginary.

With Yoann Estevenin, it takes its source in the mind of the artist, inventing forms fueled so much by surrealism only by a perfect mastery of engraving, in a free line fitting into reality by means of his favorite mediums, pencil and pastel. This gesture is reminiscent of the principle of magical paintings performed in the depths of caves.

Conversely, the ink stroke of Thomas Henriot takes its anchoring in the public space at the contemporary era, nourished by vernacular symbols, architectures or plant landscapes. He reintroduces the real into the imaginary.

The dialogue between the two artists is part of this double movement, depicting the perpetual journeys of the soul between crossing the world and its incarnation in the territory of paper.


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